This page outlines resources to support you in communicating about the Great Transition to a life-sustaining society.


These are the same as the back page of the flyer. I often use them as a basis for a quick pitch to knowledgeable people.

This is a way of making the idea of whole system change to a life-sustaining society mentally manageable in a way that people can act on. It also outlines our communication strategy. An innovative feature is the use of physical models to help people keep track of the conversations.

More detail is in these articles:

This explores the operating principles of a life-sustaining society, and presents a simple diagram that highlights the big picture factors that must change to solve global warming.

This explains our communication strategy in more detail.

Templates for making the Kitchen Table Conversations modules are here.

Roles people and institutions can play

Things people can do range from outreach to engage influential people down to sending just one email during March.

Outreach support materials

Designing for success

This article shows how applying the design/build planning process used in architecture can make the environmental/progressive movement vastly more effective. It is not short (20 pages), but it is a good read. An important idea is ‘stickiness’ − all of us communicating in ways that build momentum for a transformative cultural shift.