The Great Transition initiative is an open community of practice of people who are concerned that we are in a global ecological emergency, and who ardently want to turn things around.  It is inclusive with respect to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religious faith (or lack thereof).  Because it is open and inclusive, advocates of Great Transition Initiative have diverse worldviews and diverse motivations.

We think that inspiring thoughtful mainstream commitment to transitioning to a life-sustaining society (rather than continuing on our present course of ecological self-destruction) is essential for success. Therefore our focus is on equipping people to be citizen educators/Great Transition Champions.

Individuals and organisations who participate act as autonomous agents. There is no centralised command and control; nobody directs what anybody else does.

We provide ready-to-use tools to make communicating as easy as possible. They include sample emails, guerrilla marketing, presentations, workshops, and focused Kitchen Table Conversations.

Andrew Gaines is the convener of the Great Transition Initiative. Administrative support is provided by Be The Change Australia.

Colleagues include:

  • Paul Ehrlich                 Biologist, The Population Bomb
  • Lyn Goldsworthy         CEO, Frank Fenner Foundation
  • John Cimino                CEO, Creative Leaps
  • Duane Elgin                 Futurist, author, Great Transition Stories
  • Dave Gardner              Filmmaker, GrowthBusters
  • Lalith Gunaratne          Solar power entrepreneur, Canadian Club of Rome
  • Julie Krull                     Psychologist, talk show host, World of Love
  • Quincey Krull               Actress, World of Love
  • Greg Skilbeck              Academic research coordinator, UTS Sydney
  • Alnoor Ladha               The Rules
  • Erica Gavenus             Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere
  • Andrew Gaines            Author, creativity trainer, Feldenkrais practitioner
  • Julie Adam                   Concert pianist
  • Rob Harding                 Accountant
  • Colin Meurk                  Landcare researcher
  • Garry Bowen                Sustainability consultant, The Natural Step
  • Mike Hanauer               Sustainability, climate change and population activist
  • Sailesh Rao                  Documentary maker, vegan activist, Climate Healers
  • Steve Bhaerman          Author, professional comedian, political activist
  • Terry Morgan                Educator
  • Terry Patton                  Author, evolutionary spirituality